A new website for AEGEE Wien: Preparation

As the current website of AEGEE Wien is quite outdated and hard to maintain (hand coded PHP, no user management etc.) it's time for a fresh start.

After seriously considering Drupal for a while, I decided to go with Wordpress instead. The main reason being that it can be administered by a non-tech savvy person. Second it has a lot of professional looking themes and is easily extensible (not to mention that there are already numerous AEGEE locals using it).

So as a first step I installed it on our server. Which was a snap, due to the excellent documentation!

As a next step I will analyse how people come to our site. A first assessment of newcomers at the Stammtisch indicates that SprachDUO is the biggest stream of new fresh members. A first glance at the Google searches that lead to us seems to support this. Here the top 5 searches:

  1. 12 % aegee wien (2)

  2. 10 % tandem wien (7)

  3. 10 % aegee (3)

  4. 9 % sprachduo wien (2)

  5. 5 % aegee summer university
The first number is the percentage of searches, then comes the keywords used and the rank of our website in the search results.
Given this we really should focus on SprachDUO. It currently is very much totally dead from the admin's view - we don't have access to the database!
But more on that in the future.

My current plan is to have a decent replacement for the current site by May 1st. Given the numerous courses I've opted to take this semester (two which require quite some software engineering and programming) this might not be over realistic to achive. But I will strive to!